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Right Direction and Solutions, LLC

Guiding organizations to sustainabilty and greater impact

A wheel has many spokes for a reason, if one breaks, the wheel will usually keep rolling along.  Today, non-profit organizations need more spokes.  Until recently traditional fund development strategies were sufficient to allow non-profit organizations to fulfill their mission.  Many have reached a point where maintaining financial stability is a serious concern.  There are new strategies that can help a charitable organization turn the corner

To learn more about the work we do and the groups we collabroate with and unlock the doors for your entrepreneurial future,go to :  www.partnerwithfidelis.com and www.helpbuildcommunity.org

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We have recently updated our website to better represent who we are as a company and what we can do for you! Learn more from our partners, www.partnerwithfidelis.com and www.helpbuildcommunity.org .

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