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Right Direction and Solutions, LLC

Social Enterprises, Corporate Social Responsiblity, and Markanthropy can bring new resources to your organization

Non-profit organizations are seeking new resources.  Business is looking for a better return on marketing costs, lower employee turnover costs, or improve other areas of operation.  Our collaborative team brings these worlds together to create a mutually beneifical strategy with measurable impact.


Our primary partners are Fidelis Resource Partners and Help Build Community.  Together we cover a wide range of experience and capabilty specifically focused on helping non-profit organizations to secure higher levels of sustainability.


These strategies are developed with identifying needs in private business and matching those needs with non-profit organizations that can help provide solutions.


Contact us to learn how our team can bring these strategies to your organization.

Please contact us at h.doug "at" rightdirection.cc  or  dhuesdash "at" partnerwithfidelis.com

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We are in the Eastern US time zone.  We respond to email requests within 24 hours.  Thank you.



We have recently updated our website to better represent who we are as a company and what we can do for you! Learn more from our partners, www.partnerwithfidelis.com and www.helpbuildcommunity.org .

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